Yaki Hair Extensions in NY, NYC

Yaki Hair Extensions in NY, NYC are a better quality human hair than Silky Straight. Yaki or Yaki hair is yak hair imported from Asia. In common, Yaki hair is much closer to virgin hair since it has a lot less processing whether chemical or hair color. Hair stylists will help you to fetch the right combination for your hair that goes with your own hair color, texture and your face. New York Yaki extensions Salon is an expert in all types of hair extensions and methods. We are experts in Fusion Hair Extension, Hair weaving or any latest methods today. We have full time staffs that are certified and well experienced in the field of hair extensions.

Yaki Hair Extensions

Yaki Hair Extensions in NY, NYC is a hair texture that is designed to look and feel like African American Hair (Black Peoples that has been through a processing to make their own hair straight. This processing is called Relaxing. In New York Yaki extension salon there are three types of hair extensions, they are silky Yaki extensions, perm bulk Yaki extensions, perm weaving Yaki extensions. This style is ideal for those who desire a sleek, straight look. It is a very low maintenance style. It can also be curled for more body or for a different look. Weight of each extension is 1/4 th of a pound and the length of the weft is 60-70 inches.

Hair weave comes in many styles. Straight weave comes in two textures. They are Yaki or Yaky and silky. If you watch both of them closely from side to side, you will see the silky hair has a more smooth appearance, whereas the Yaki hair has a slightly bumpy, more of an African-hair-freshly-relaxed look which is great for ethnic hair. Both types of textures can have rough feeling hair or super silky soft feeling hair. It just depends on the quality. So you can either end up with very thick silky hair or very soft Yaki hair. In Patricia Hair Extension Salon, We have experienced with all types of hair. We have handled Yaki texture hair. We have best hair extensions for especially for Yaki texture hair. We have satisfied more number clients with Yaki texture from all over the world.

Yaki Hair Extensions in NY, NYC salon is known for its best hair extensions and replacement techniques. All of our sixty types of Human Hair Extensions are all natural and 100% Natural Remy Cuticle Human Hair Extensions. Our Human hair extensions come in different colors and shades. We have Yaki Human Hair Extensions, Natural Human Hair Extensions, Curly Human Hair Extensions, Straight Human Hair Extensions, Long Human Hair Extensions, and much more.

In our salon we always use Human hair extensions, and only the best quality is served here. That is why we are the top leading salon in New York and we have customers from all over the world who always occupy our NYC Human Hair Extensions Salon, Long Island Human Hair Extensions Salon, Westchester Human Hair Extensions Salon, Manhattan Human Hair Extensions Salon, etc. We recommend you to visit our place once for a free hair consultation, where you can see, feel, touch, and see all of our different human hair types, and we can see which one is the best for you.

New York Yaki extensions salon sell the best Yaki hair extensions Our salons serve the New York, NY, NYC, NJ, CT areas with clients from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester, Philadelphia, Boston, Staten Island, and Long Island.