Types of Hair Extensions

Patricia hair extensions salon NYC work on all hair types. Our hair stylists also do blond hair extensions, Yaki hair extensions, brown hair extensions, long hair extensions, short hair extensions, and ethnic hair extensions. We do work on European hair extensions, African American Hair Extensions, Caucasian Hair Extensions, Brazilian Hair extensions, Latin Hair Extensions, and more. We are having well trained full time experts and stylists, When you come in for a hair consultation, our hair stylists look at your hair, and based on your hair type, texture, goals, and budget, we will suggest you to go for one of the best from our sixty Different hair extension types, this is going to be right for you.


NYC hair extensions salon provides all types of hair extensions services like Fusion Hair Extensions. Fusion Hair Extensions is the process of fusing human hair to the hair extension by using heat or ultrasonic radio waves or laser beams. We offer all the type fusion hair extensions such as NYC Great Lengths Hair Extensions, Great Lengths Cold Fusion Hair Extensions, Great Lengths Air Pressure, Fusion Extensions, HairDreams Fusion Hair Extensions HairDreams Laser Hair Extensions, LuxHair Hair Extensions SoCap Hair Extensions USA, SoCap Hair Extensions, Original SoCap Hair Extensions Europe, Our Custom Fusion Hair Extensions, and Mega Hair Extensions, Yaki Human Hair Extensions, Natural Human Hair Extensions, Curly Human Hair Extensions, Straight Human Hair Extensions, Long Human Hair Extensions, FL Hair Extensions, DreamCatchers Hair Extensions, HiarLocs Hair Extensions, RemyLinks Hair Extensions and much more. We have done over 20000 Human Hair Extensions and Human Hair replacement types.

Patricia hair extensions salon NYC offers all Types of Hair Extensions, Hair Replacements and all hair services like hair loss solutions, treatments and many more such as

Natural Hair Extensions: NYC Natural hair extensions refer to those that are made from human hair. These hair extensions come in various varieties and have the most natural look and are more expensive than synthetic ones. Natural hair extensions are available in different qualities and length which decide their price. Patricia hair extensions salon NY always uses the finest European hair extensions. The main advantage of using natural hair is that it can be treated and maintained like one’s own hair. Thus, it is recommended for those who want to have full head of NYC hair extensions. However, if you not cared your hair properly, they tend to matt together. We always use high quality hair care products for natural hair extensions.NYC hair extensions are more durable and can be styled in a number of different ways as compared to synthetic hair extensions.

Synthetic Hair Extensions: NYC synthetic hair extensions are made of hair that is man-made and are less expensive than natural hair extensions. Though synthetic hair extensions are more readily available as compared to natural hair extensions, it is very hard and difficult to get synthetic hair extensions that match one’s hair perfectly. They also tend to matt excessively, especially when shampooed. Hence, these NYC hair extensions should be clipped while applying shampoo to the hair. Clipping them out of the way, when blow drying ones hair is the perfect remedy for synthetic hair extensions. This type of NY hair extension is not recommended for people who want to have full head hair extensions. Apart from its drawbacks, NYC synthetic hair extensions are a great choice for experimenting with different hairstyles without spending too much money.

Clip in Hair Extensions: NYC Clip in hair extensions is the easiest way to add length and volume to human hair. This type of human hair extensions are clipped to the natural hair. Clip in hair extensions are the least damaging and gives texture and also allow you to add color. You can clip them into your own hair by separating your hair and starting at the nape of the neck. Just part your hair and start from the nape of the neck to work with your way up. NYC Clip in hair extensions can be easily removed before going off to bed. Thus, clip in hair extensions are the best choice for special events or occasions. The amount of clips ins you use is up to you depending on the level of volume that you require. You simply clip the hair extensions to your own hair, working your way up your head. You can open the clips and face them to the scalp then snap them into place.

Weaved Hair Extensions: Wavy hair extensions are weaving in natural hair with the help of thread. The threads alone create a track along which the hair extensions are sewn. Patricia NY Weaves hair extensions are tiny hidden braids that hold hair extensions against the scalp. This NYC hair extension can apply tension and add uneven weight to your natural hair where they are attached to your natural hair. There is a special concern when washing your hair or when swimming or participating in other activities where your hair gets wet. Because it’s very hard to dry hair that’s under the braids, some people with weaves don’t wash their hair as often.

Sealed Hair Extensions: NYC sealed hair extensions are sealed with one’s natural hair. The Sealed hair extension is sectioned and the hair extensions are plaited in. This type of NY hair extension can last up to four months before the bond begins loosening. The Strands of synthetic hair fiber are attached to the natural hair using a heat seal that is created by applying a low temperature heat to the fiber hair. The fiber hair then shrinks down to form a seal securing the hair attachment.

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