Remy Hair Extensions

Beautiful hair makes a person proud and confident. All may not be blessed with this fortune. But now no need to be worry for that. Hair extensions have emerged to fulfill your dreams. No more to be bothered about your dull hair or a damaged hair. You can go for hair extensions for your solution. Hair extensions have come in different types from synthetic hair extensions to human hair extensions. Synthetic hair extensions are artificial hairs. Human hair extensions are 100% human hairs that are collected from all over the world. All of this hair is full of body, long lasting, soft and beautiful.

After collecting the hairs from the donors the hair will undergo lots of process in the factory with skilled trainers. The process includes arranging the hair according to its size before bundled and sent for a thorough cleansing and conditioning and finally drying the hair. This hair can be colored or dyed according to the client request. The Indian Remy Hair and the Brazilian Remy Hair are more popular. Indian Remy is strong and durable and can be dyed to your choice. It can be available in black or brown color with textures like straight, curly, wavy. The Brazilian Remy hair is equally healthy and the texture is very fine and is available in black and brown color. Colors like blonde are brought by dying or bleaching the hair. For this type of processing Indian Remy is good since it have not undergone any chemical process earlier.

Remy Hair Extensions

Remy Hairs are human hairs with the upper and lower ends of the hair are kept in their natural state to maintain the cuticles facing the same direction. The Remy hair is soft and silky with a texture that has slight waves. It is otherwise called Cuticle Hair, Virgin Hair or Cut Hair. This type of hair is mostly popular among celebrities. It is expensive and worth the penny. Unlike Remy hair, the Non Remy Hair is arranged in a manner where the upper and lower ends of the hair are mixed. So it tends to get tangled easily.

Remy hair may be classified into Remy Single Drawn Hair and Remy Double Drawn Hair. The Remy single drawn is a high quality hair which has been trimmed in the same direction from the upper to the lower ends. It gives us a natural appearance. In Remy Double Drawn Hair the hair is trimmed at both ends leaving the upper and lower parts as it is. The Remy hair is available as Bulk Hair which can be used for braiding type of methods. Remy hairs are use in Wefts. The Weft may be either Handmade or Machine made or even Hand Tied Micro Thin Weft.

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