How to Put in Hair Extensions

Impermanent or gluing hair extensions are a comparatively simple means to have hair that is thick and long. It is possible for them to stay more than 1 month and 2 weeks when you take care of them the right way and maintain them as well. The best part is that it is simply to change them. If you want to appear more beautiful, then you will need to vary your appearance as frequently as you wish using hair extensions which can be put with the aid of binding glue or the one of your choice.

They are some things you will require to put it. They are:

1. You will need a person to apply you the extensions, not necessarily a hair dresser, but a friend can help you to put the extensions. It is also possible to put it yourself if it will not be that easy.
2. The next thing is a synthetic hair which will be more extended more than you normal hair, which is the hair extension.
3. You will require binding glue which may be of any color based on the color of your hair.
4. A pair of scissors will also be required to trim the hair extension to match with your hair.
5. The last thing is a fine-toothed comb.

Let us get the step to put a hair extension after you have got all these things mentioned above.

1. You will need to hold your entire hair to be on top of your head. Beginning from at least an edge over your scruff, utilize a pick to create a horizontal and straight line in your hair starting from one part to another.

2. Begin from one part of your extension path and evaluate the rate of hair required to cover the back of your scalp. Slash a bit of the path which should be a piece littler than its normal whole length, this is necessary in order not to make the tips of the extensions flip up ahead of your normal hair.

3. Create a course of binding glue on the weft of the bit of the hair extension which you slashed initially. You need to delay about half a minute prior to put it on in order for the glue not to drop.

4. Compress and clasp the path using glue at the tip of your main hair which you did separate horizontally. Try to compress beside each section of the path to prevent bubbles of air or slack spots. You should be careful not to apply bonding glue on the rest of the sections of your hair due to it will result to gluey knots and may need to be separated.