Get volumes in hair with extensions

To get volumes in hair with extensions Patricia salon offering variety of hair extensions types to get it. Dream Catchers Hair Extensions is one of the best hair extensions that allow you to add more volumes in hair. For this hair extension they prefer hair from European hair. This hair gives you a smooth, silky, and natural feel to wear.

Dense hair

Blonde hair extension is also helps to get volumes in hair. This hair extension not only gets volume to your hair and also increases the length of your hair. The extensions are done by well experts of Patricia and let their customers to satisfy with their exact need. Hair Extensions create fullness to your hair by adding volumes.

Hair Extensions are best options for women in adding volumes to your hair. The best thing about Patricia salon is they offering full time service to their clients. For all extensions Patricia salon uses only human natural hair so it does not affect users scalp and original hair.

Indian Remy Hair Extensions

Smooth, Silky, Healthy hair is a dream of all women. Unfortunately not many are blessed with one. Indian women are well known for their long hair. Their natural color of their hair is black or brown by nature. They take much care to maintain their hair. Most of the Indian women use natural methods like shikakai (soap nut powder), herbs like hibiscus leaves and flower and more, to protect their hair whereas other people use various chemicals like shampoo, conditioner, etc, to clean and beautify their hair. So the Indian hair is strong and durable by nature. It can be colored, curled, heated and blow-dried. Especially South Indian hair is even free from natural hair color dye such as henna. So there is always a good demand for Indian hairs in the world market.

Majority of hair is sourced from temples where devotees mostly women shave their hair to appease the Gods. Next source is from the brushed Indian hair which is gathered by the women from their brushes and combs where the hair is accumulated when brushing or combing their hair. They used to sell this hair to the hair extension market.

Indian Remy Hair Extensions

In India, head tonsuring is a tradition and a religious practice symbolizing one’s ego to God. Devotees offer their hair to God to show gratitude and respect when their prayers are answered. They go on a pilgrimage to temples to shave off their hair. It is not only applicable for men but for children and women of all ages too. This is a practice in Southern India. These hairs are collected and taken to the factory where the hairs are first sorted according to size, numbered and are bundled. The hairs are next put through the process of hackling where the hairs are detangled into individual strands. The hairs are then cleansed thoroughly to get rid of any dirt particles and finally undergo intense conditioning before drying to retain its original shine.
A Remy Hair is nothing but the upper and lower ends of the hair are kept in their natural state where the cuticles run in the same direction preventing the hair from tangling, giving it a natural look and glittering effect. The texture of the Remy hair is silky soft with subtle waves. This is the virgin hair and is mostly worn by celebrities. In a Non Remy hair the upper and lower ends of the hair are mixed and thus results in tangling. The Remy Indian Hair is available in the world market as Remy Bulk hair, Remy Wefted hair, Remy Clips, etc. The Bulk hair is loose hair which is used for braiding. The wefted hair is used for weaving whether it is hand weft or machine weft or micro hand weft. Remy clips are finished product can be used for gaining hair length and thickness and adding highlights to your existing hair.

Indian Remy Hair is the finest quality Indian human hair which can be affordable for any individual. It comes in all textures and types like straight, wavy, curly, very curly, etc. In Patricia Hair Extension Salon, we provide you 100% Human Hair extensions with best quality at an affordable price. We have over 60 different Hair Extensions and Hair Replacement in our salon. Our Patricia Hair Extension Salon serve people in New York City, Astoria, Queens, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Boston, Manhattan, Long Island, Bronx, Brooklyn, Boston, Westchester, areas. We invite you to our gorgeous salon to experience the excellence!