16 inch Hair Extensions

Patricia Hair salon suggests all types of hair extensions with 16 inch length hair.16 inch hair extensions appear in all colors. And you can wish your own hair extension with this 16 inch hair length and can choose a suitable color that matches your texture and gives you a graceful look. Patricia patiently doing its service in hair extension technology and make their clients feel supercilious about their hair with different hair extensions. Every extension has its exclusive style.  All supermodel hair extensions use 100% human hair. This model hair extension presents a high quality and last for long time.

16inch Extension

Patricia provides massive 16 inch hair extensions like 16 inch Darkest brown Indian Remy clip in hair, 16″ Jet black, 16″ off black Indian Remy clip in hair, 16″ Platinum blondes, 16″ Honey blonde Indian Remy clip in hair and so on. Patricia hair salon can deliver for your different demands for expanded styles with unique high-technology. It provides various 16 inch hair extensions for all kind of people. Experts suggest you a best hair extension that satisfy your require and make you glad.


Human hair extensions are preferred over synthetic because they look more real and natural than artificial ones. The skill used to attach hair extensions of human hair to your own hair is known as human hair extensions. Hair extensions can offer a dramatic change to your look and style. Hair extensions are made of synthetic hair or natural human hair. Synthetic hairs are artificial and thus it will give you an artificial look only. It will not look real. It creates a toy look which no one wants to be. It will become worse after using few times and becomes a head ache in maintaining. Human hair extensions are real hairs and it gives a natural look to you. It is easy to maintain also.

Human Hair Extensions When looking for human hair extensions Salons, the most important factor is trying to find the best hair extensions salon out there. No need to go someplace where the people are not certified.  There are also places in New York where the salon says they do hair extensions, but when you want to see pictures of actual clients, they don’t have any! Never choose a hair extensions salon in New York that doesn’t have any before and after pictures.  A top human hair extensions salon in New York should have hundreds of before and after pictures of actual clients.

Patricia hair extension salon is a Human Hair Extensions Salon that concentrates only on Human Hair Extensions. All of our fifty Human Hair Extensions are all natural 100% Natural Remy Cuticle Human Hair Extensions. We only use Human Hair, and that is why we are called a NYC Human Hair Extensions Salon, Long Island Human Hair Extensions Salon, Westchester Human Hair Extensions Salon, Manhattan Human Hair Extensions Salon, etc. Our Human hair extensions come in different colors and shades. We have Yaki Human Hair Extensions, Natural Human Hair Extensions, Curly Human Hair Extensions, Straight Human Hair Extensions, Long Human Hair Extensions, and much more.

The main advantages of using human hair extension are you can re-use the hair.  The hair can last a year or year and a half and it will not create any damage to your scalp so you can get it re-adjusted closer to your scalp.  This can save you money in the long run.  You also can avoid heat that might be damaging to your hair. You need to take care of your hair extensions to keep them in good condition. There are various ways of applying extensions, but there are three general methods. The first method is fusion, also known as strand-by-strand. This method involves sectioning your locks into small strands and applying a special glue about one-fourth of an inch from the root. The second method is bonding, wherein the stylist applies a special kind of glue to the weft of the extensions and attaches the weft close to the roots Weaving is another method of applying. To weave extensions in, the stylist creates tracks around the head Woven extensions are removed by simply cutting the thread used to sew the hair extensions into the tracks.