Add hair with extensions

In Patricia hair salon Hair Extension is an easy and safest way to add hair to your natural hair to get an extraordinary appearance. All the hair extensions are destined for adding hair to your natural hair. Patricia offers hundred different types of hair extensions and they services the people for two decades. The hair extensions not only just add hair to your hair it also helps you to have different color, texture, style and size by your wish. The hair extensions like Fusion hair extension, Micro link hair extensions, Remy hair extensions, I tip hair extensions, Wavy hair extensions, Curly Hair Extensions, Straight Hair Extensions, Yaki Hair Extensions, Blonde Hair Extensions and more extensions helps to add hair to your hair in a natural way.

Add hair, Real hair

All the extensions are implemented and tested before applying to the clients for ensuring no side effects. They use only the natural human hair for all hair extensions. Patricia salon is very keen about its client’s safety. Adding hair with hair extensions in Patricia gives you a long lasting hair like your own hair and you can treat them in a same way. Much more benefits are available in our Patricia salon so make use of it and feel proud about yourself.